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Posted on: January 22nd, 2014

PA New ID Verification for Tax Refunds

PA Tax Refund Identity VerificationIn response to growing identify theft concerns, taxpayers may need to complete an additional step before receiving their state tax return in 2014: identity verification. In an effort to combat tax fraud and identity theft, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has instituted new security measures to identify fraudulent refund filings beginning with the 2014 income tax filing season.

What Happens if You Are Selected for ID Verification

Taxpayers may be asked to confirm their identities before refunds are issued. If you are selected for the identity verification, you’ll receive a letter from the PA Department of Revenue sometime after you file your personal income tax return.  The letter will be sent to the address on your personal income tax return and will instruct you to call a designated number.  You’ll then be asked to provide answers to questions to verify your identity.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue hopes that the initiative will help detect and prevent the issuance of fraudulent tax refunds resulting from identity theft.

Have questions about the PA Department of Revenue’s new identity verification measures? Contact your RKL tax advisor.


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