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Get quick and insightful knowledge into the business issues your company is facing with our Ask RKL Video Series. In less than five minutes, our experts will address a wide range of frequently asked client questions.

Nonprofit Board Fiduciary Responsibilities

Run-time: 02:19 If you serve on the board of a community benefit organization, understanding your fiduciary responsibilities is critical to operating with integrity and avoiding personal liabilities.

Succession Planning

Run-time: 03:29 Considering your exit strategy? A successful outcome depends on having a clear picture of your company’s value, your financial position and your ownership options.

Onboarding New Shareholders

Run-time: 04:03 Bringing new shareholders into your business? Learn how you can position new owners and your company for success.

Cost Segregation

Run-time: 02:11 Get a quick look at the how’s and why’s of the cost segregation study, a powerful tax savings strategy that could increase cash flow for your business.

Understanding Multi-State Taxation

Run-time: 04:48 If your company does business in multiple states, it’s critical to understand your obligations under each state’s tax code. Get a breakdown of how you can achieve compliance while minimizing your tax burden.

Understanding Your Gifting Options

Run-time: 02:55 How can you provide gifts to immediate or extended family members while minimizing the taxes associated with those gifts? Get quick insight on different gifting options that work for your financial goals.

Making Your Next Audit Go Smoothly

Run-time: 03:08 An audit doesn’t need to be a stressful event. Discover how the right preparation can go a long way in making your next audit go smoothly.