Professional Training & Development | RKL LLP

Professional Training and Development for RKL Team Members

Professional development and success go hand-in-hand.

Whether you’re new to the accounting world or a seasoned professional, your job satisfaction and opportunities for advancement are in many ways directly related to your ability to grow your knowledge, skills and leadership abilities. At RKL, we’re committed to helping you grow by providing a wide range of training opportunities.

Ongoing Training Opportunities

RKL offers a variety of training opportunities to enhance your professional development – from in-house seminars to national conferences, from online courses to one-on-one mentoring. Plus, each employee is assigned a Performance Coach who not only provides the employee assistance with their technical performance, but also in developing non-technical skills including communication, business development and leadership.

RKL Training includes:

  • “On-the-job” training
  • Self-study courses
  • Instructor-led classes
  • Webinars
  • External conferences, seminars and classes
  • CPA Review Courses and paid time off to study for CPA exam