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Posted on: August 12th, 2013

RKL vs. RKL Softball Showdown Recap

RKL’s softball showdown between the Reading and Lancaster offices ended with a Reading victory on Friday, August 9 in Lancaster. Several team members from the York office joined in the fun and played for each side.

Team Reading and their York colleagues’ bats were hot, early and often, scoring several homeruns in the first inning. Lancaster’s wily veteran pitcher Ron Miller challenged the Reading hitters with input from Clint Rider and Ron Fink.  Nevertheless, he did not have an answer for Steve Frank, who was able to hit three homeruns in the game. Actually, he did have an answer: hide Steve’s bat next time up.

Lancaster’s Kevin Lee hit a nice homerun to the left off of Dave Engle, who otherwise pitched seven strong innings for Reading. Both defenses made some nice plays. Ron Fink showed the glove at 1B with some sweet scoops. Steve Fisher took a nice tumble at first base running out a ground ball.

In the end, Reading was victorious with a 15-4 score. Best of all, there were no major injuries to speak of and we ended the day with some great food and conversation with our fellow RKL team members. Thanks to Brian Murphy who organized this very fun and successful event.

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