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Operational Consulting Services

Improving Business Performance and Profitability

Is your business experiencing growing pains? Are customer service or quality issues weighing on your operations? Do bottlenecks or capacity constraints keep your products from flowing smoothly? Is your company’s work flow fragmented and not aligned to common goals?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions means your company, just like so many others ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises, faces common roadblocks to growth and profitability. These roadblocks prevent businesses from achieving the agility and responsiveness needed to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. For strategic advice and practical guidance to overcome these challenges, look no further than RKL.

RKL’s Operational Consulting team brings a unique perspective and comprehensive approach to performance improvement, melding board room strategy with shop floor tactics to deliver results-focused return on investment. Whether you are expanding your company, starting a new product line or experiencing service or quality issues, our experienced advisors credentialed in Lean Six Sigma and Quality Management are the strategic partners you need to accelerate business transformation and growth through improved execution.

Lean and Performance Improvement 

Widely adopted by companies across many industries, lean methods help businesses improve financial and operational performance. Effective execution of lean has many benefits, including higher EBITDA, improved cash, shorter lead times, reduced operating costs and better delivery performance. RKL’s operational consultants help businesses achieve these outcomes through a variety of lean efforts, including:

  • Strategic elevation and accelerated implementation of Lean
  • Identification of gaps in performance through focused root cause analysis
  • Prioritizing and targeting opportunities for improvement based on your goals and specific situation
  • Hands-on approach working with your team
  • Rapid improvement projects
  • Development and effective use of key performance measures

Business Expansion and Transition 

Time to transition to the next phase of your business? Outgrowing your current location? RKL’s Operational Consulting team has the expertise to help you navigate new terrain for your company. Whether your goal is to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of your facilities or to balance a one-time capital investment with on-going expenses, RKL can help with a wide range of business expansion and transition projects, including:

  • New facility layout and planning
  • Site selection
  • New business line/product line start-up
  • Facility and operations consolidation
  • Market analysis
  • Merger & acquisition integration

Workforce and Organizational Development 

A skilled, dedicated workforce is the lifeblood of any business, so it is important to manage and deploy in-house talent effectively. RKL’s operational consultants can help you assess performance and implement a customized plan to address skills gaps across your team, which could include initiatives like:

  • Skills and performance assessment
  • Staff training and development plans
  • Supervisor/manager training focused on results and accountability
  • Improving cross-department communication
  • Performance management and incentive compensation
  • Team facilitation and change management

Let’s talk about maximizing your company’s performance and productivity. Contact Robert E. Pozesky, Manager in RKL’s Business Consulting Services Group, at 717.394.5666 or rpozesky@RKLcpa.com.