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Transaction Advisory Services

When Your Business Reaches a Crossroads, RKL is Here to Help

Change in a business can come in many forms. Whether it is an acquisition (strategic or first-time buyers), the sale of a business, the merger of operations or a recapitalization, business owners need to undertake these transactions in a manner appropriate to their company’s unique goals and circumstances. That’s where RKL’s experienced team of advisors can help. Our firm offers a wide range of services and the expertise needed to help your business successfully transition to its next phase.

RKL advisors recognize that no two businesses are the same, so we don’t expect every transaction to be. We start every engagement by developing an understanding of what the business and its ownership hope to get out of the transaction. Once our team has your goals, vision and values as a guiding force, we customize the approach from a menu of services to make sure you are getting exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.

More than just mergers and acquisitions, RKL is equipped to help businesses navigate a wide range of transactions. From providing due diligence on an as-needed basis to structuring and negotiating deals, the RKL team has the skill and services to support your business on a variety of levels. And their work doesn’t stop once the ink is dry. Your RKL team will be there to ensure a smooth transition through 100-day plans and operational integration.

RKL Transaction Advisory Services: 

  • Shareholder buy-ins and redemptions
  • Business recapitalization
  • First-time buyer services including entity selection, tax registration, accounting software selection and setup, procedure development and more
  • Identification and evaluation of acquisition targets
  • Financial and operational due diligence
  • Back-end structuring of transaction
  • Merger negotiation and planning
  • Tax analysis of potential deals
  • Assistance with securing necessary financing
  • Operational and business integration

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