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Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits in Lancaster, Reading, York, Harrisburg, PA.

New product and process development and improvement pay.

Not just figuratively – in a creating a competitive advantage – but also literally, thanks to Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits. Frequently over-looked or misunderstood, R&D Tax Credits provide a substantial tax-savings opportunity for the development and improvement activities you’re likely already undertaking.

RKL’s Tax Services Group specializes in helping companies take advantage of R&D Tax Credits and developing the processes to continue doing so in the future. We identify expenditures that qualify for the tax credit under both federal and state regulations. Over the last several years, we’ve helped clients claim hundreds of thousands of dollars, including one manufacturer who we helped claim $750,000 in additional tax credits.

Beyond helping you capture tax savings, we provide ongoing value by helping to develop internal procedures to properly track these expenses in the future. Documentation to substantiate eligibility for research expenditures and credits, in case of IRS or state examination, will be right there at your fingertips.

Qualifying activities must:

  • Use technological processes to make tangible products or improvements to the product
  • Develop new or improved software applications for internal or external purposes
  • Develop new or improved processes for producing goods

Let’s talk about whether an R&D Tax Credit Study is right for your company. Contact Clint Rider, Partner, Small Business Services Group, at 717.394.5666 or crider@rklcpa.com.