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Harristown Enterprises

Continuing more than four decades of investment and revitalization, Brad Jones is committed to helping Harrisburg thrive.

RKL & Brad: Reinventing Downtown

Run-time: 00:47 While Brad Jones, president and CEO of Harristown Enterprises focuses on making Downtown Harrisburg better, he relies on RKL for our high-level business insight, tax analysis, financial projections, consolidated year-end statements and more.

When Brad took the reins of Harristown Enterprises in 2015, he assumed more than just the title of President and CEO – he started the next chapter of Harrisburg’s growth. Brad depends on RKL’s high-level business insight and financial services to help him turn each page smoothly.

Reinventing downtown

Harristown Enterprises has managed nearly half a billion dollars of redevelopment in Harrisburg since it was formed in 1974 to help revitalize the capital city’s struggling downtown. Harristown has had a hand in nearly every major downtown project over the last 40 years, from city cornerstones like Strawberry Square and Hilton Harrisburg, to newer projects that lend a fresh dynamic to the city, like Capital Area School for the Arts and International House.

To continue the Harristown mission of increasing social, cultural and economic activity in the city, Harristown invests in projects that will benefit those who live, work and play in Harrisburg. To keep Harristown’s entities running smoothly, Brad turns to RKL for reliable data projections and financial reporting.

RKL & Brad: Seeking strategic opportunities

Harristown Enterprises’ development efforts involve the facilitation of support and resources from a variety of government agencies, private sector companies and fellow nonprofit organizations. It’s a complex process with a lot of moving parts, which is why Brad appreciates the financial and business counsel he regularly receives from RKL.

With many companies under the Harristown Enterprises umbrella, Brad looks to RKL to provide tax preparation across all its entities and consolidated financial reviews. Beyond basic tax and accounting services, RKL also assists Harristown with special assignments such as financial projects for review or validating assumptions for bank refinancing.

“We have great confidence that RKL has the talent to analyze complex financial transactions,” Brad says.

Changing the city skyline

What’s next for the city of Harrisburg? Harristown has a number of projects in the pipeline, including the conversion of office space to facilities with high-end, modern one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with commercial space on the ground level. It’s an exciting time for Harristown Enterprises and RKL is proud to support the company’s development projects. After all, when Harristown thrives, so does the City of Harrisburg.


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