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Kitchen Kettle Village

Delighting the senses of visitors across generations, Michelle Rondinelli is stirring up success at a local landmark.

RKL & Michelle: Stirring Up Success

Run-time: 1:20 Learn how Michelle Rondinelli, president of Kitchen Kettle Foods, Inc., counts on RKL to offer comprehensive financial thinking about her third-generation family business.

Kitchen Kettle Village is more than just a retail attraction – it is an authentic Lancaster County landmark. As co-owner and president of her third-generation family business, Michelle looks to RKL to help her add new dimensions to a delicious legacy.

Serving up a taste of Lancaster County
Though the variety of products and services has grown since Michelle’s grandparents started making jams and jellies in their garage over six decades ago, warmth and hospitality are still hallmarks of the Kitchen Kettle Village experience. As Michelle strategically expands and enhances her family business, the hub of this village remains the kitchen. It’s where visitors can watch local artisans create the local flavors that stretch across generations. It’s where inquisitive shoppers can sample a staggering array of jams, jellies, condiments and salsas. And it’s where every taste imprints sweetness on the memories of visitors and reminds them that some things do stand the test of time.

Michelle understands that this interactive retail model is what sets her family business apart from other shopping or dining destinations in the area, so she seeks strategies to grow the company without sacrificing the charm and authenticity that attracts nearly one million visitors annually. When Kitchen Kettle Village needed to plan for a future that befit its delicious legacy, Michelle found in RKL a professional services partner that shares her local roots and entrepreneurial spirit.

RKL & Michelle: Perfecting a recipe for success
Welcoming visitors with a family-friendly atmosphere remains Michelle’s vision for Kitchen Kettle Village. As new shops, vendors and attractions were slowly added to the village, Michelle wanted to ensure the growth was strategic and consistent with the values instilled in this family-run enterprise by her grandparents. Michelle sought a comprehensive advisor who could tackle the variety of challenges faced by a growing business but who also understood the Lancaster County ethos that makes Kitchen Kettle Village unique. She was thrilled to discover that RKL fit the bill.

“The business was at a tipping point where we were ready to branch out,” Michelle said. “To be able to get our desired level of expertise with a local firm is a really nice feature.”

Working with RKL, Michelle can tap into all the services her family business requires, from tax planning and compliance to transition planning and IT integration. RKL is Michelle’s trusted partner in her efforts to carry her family’s legacy of taste and tradition into the future.

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