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Anstadt Communications

Building upon a century-old tradition of printing excellence, Matt Doran is leading a marketing evolution.

RKL & Matt: Leading an Evolution

Run-time: 00:48 While Anstadt Communications CEO Matt Doran focuses on new opportunities in demand generation, he partners with RKL for ahead-of-the-curve advice and fresh ideas on tax planning, valuation and estate planning, risk management, acquisitions and more.

As President and CEO of his fifth-generation family-owned business, Matt understands his clients’ need for more comprehensive offerings to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Evolving a company like Anstadt that’s been around for more than a century requires a level of calculated risk, and Matt relies on RKL to help evaluate and assess new business opportunities.

Synonymous with printing

Since opening in 1878 as The Anstadt Company to print and publish a Teachers’ Guide for Sunday School, commercial printing has been at the core of this company’s legacy. In recent decades, however, the printing market began to change and businesses started to seek a more integrated marketing presence to capture attention across a full spectrum of media. Matt recognized that his clients still wanted to use print, just in different ways, and that new technologies could result in new applications of his company’s hallmark service offering.

Anstadt Communications was born from the idea that offering fully integrated marketing services allowed the company to become more responsive to its clients’ needs and more engrained in their operations. Matt oversaw the investment in digital printing technology and upgraded the company to some of the most sophisticated printing presses available in the global market. Such significant business investment and expansion required the evaluation of risk and reward, which is one of the ways RKL helps support Anstadt’s evolution.

RKL & Matt: Cutting-edge service for fast-changing needs

Today, Anstadt Communications serves its clients’ needs along every point in the design continuum: ideation, production and distribution. This ability to deliver more comprehensively is mirrored in the proactive business counsel Matt receives from RKL.

Whether it is tax planning, risk management or valuation, Matt sees RKL’s multidimensional service offerings as a tremendous asset to Anstadt. He cites RKL’s facilitation of Anstadt’s 2014 acquisition of a local printing company as one example of how he relies on RKL to help his company grow and evolve.

“RKL understands the unique dynamics that come along with a family-owned business, above and beyond everyday accounting needs,” Matt says. “I feel confident planning the future of Anstadt knowing that I have a trusted advisor to help us identify and navigate new business opportunities.”

A continued evolution

Matt knows that print is a powerful medium when leveraged innovatively, and doing so has helped him guide Anstadt Communications’ successful evolution. He continues to lead the company into the future with a multi-million dollar expansion on the horizon and his trusted business advisor RKL at his side. RKL is proud to help this flourishing family-owned business evolve into a cutting-edge industry leader.


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