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Lifestyle Foods

Turning a passion for nutrition into healthy eating options for busy schedules, Jason Bross is reimagining grab-and-go food.

RKL & Jason: Redefining Grab-and-Go Food

Run-time: 00:48 While Lifestyle Foods CEO Jason Bross focuses on grab-and-go food innovation, he relies on RKL for expert advice and fresh ideas on complex accounting issues, tax planning and compliance, investments and more.

Jason founded his company, Lifestyle Foods, to respond to a void in the marketplace for fresh, healthy grab-and-go foods. Today as CEO, he trusts RKL to offer fresh ideas on how to grow the business and invest in its future.

Fresh food innovator

Jason grew up eating healthy and embraced nutrition as part of an active lifestyle, but a grueling travel schedule for work demonstrated the nutritional limitations faced by on-the-go eaters. He noticed a lack of fruit and vegetable-related items that you could eat on the go, but it wasn’t until he traveled to Australia that his passion for fresh food became a business idea. Everywhere he looked during his trip, Jason saw Australians consuming convenient, pre-packaged salad options, inspiring him to create a similar product line in the U.S.

Once Jason created Lifestyle Foods in 2006, it didn’t take long for the company’s initial product line of salads to blossom into a full range of eating options, including snacks, sandwiches, entrees and sides. Jason and his team are focused on delivering convenient food with an unprecedented freshness level, thanks to a proprietary process that results in a two-week shelf life across all products. To help manage this steady growth, Jason teamed up with RKL to plot a course for financial efficiency and strategic business planning.

RKL & Jason: Fresh ideas for a unique business

Tapping into a new, health-conscious generation of consumers, Lifestyle Foods is poised for sustained success in this emerging niche of the food industry. Jason deserves a business advisor as unique as the product his company creates, and that is just what he found in RKL. Initially tapping RKL to help him manage a complex business issue, Jason now looks to his RKL advisors to assist with a wide range of financial services, including tax planning and compliance, financial statement reviews and investment decision-making.

“We started working with RKL at a turning point in our business where we needed a trusted advisor,” Jason says. “Since then, we continue to have confidence and trust in our RKL team’s recommendations to help us grow and thrive.”

Cutting-edge convenience

Jason and his Lifestyle Foods team never stop envisioning new ways to prove convenience and freshness are not mutually exclusive. Jason’s goal for the company is to round out all the meal categories throughout the day so that on-the-go individuals can turn to Lifestyle Foods for healthy options from breakfast to bedtime snack. RKL remains as motivated and passionate about helping Lifestyle Foods thrive as Jason is about appealing to the taste buds of health-conscious consumers.


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