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The Forino Company

Even though the Forino Company has built over 7,000 homes…

Tony Forino still sees limitless potential for growth – like emerging opportunities in commercial construction, real estate and investment properties.

To continue moving forward, the Forino Company president and his management team sought out a CPA and business consulting firm with a solid track record for serving family-owned businesses and the construction industry that could provide a wide range of tax, accounting and business consulting capabilities to the third-generation business. That firm was RKL.

Building Momentum for Long-Term Success

Having successfully weathered the tough economic times that challenged many of their peers, the positive momentum is strong at the Forino Company, where they’re actively seizing new opportunities to grow, diversify and position themselves for long-term success.

Whether it’s developing a succession plan, taking advantage of investment property opportunities or developing partnerships to meet the demands of a new market, Forino CFO Eileen Hauptly feels confident in the professional guidance she receives from RKL.

“I have Tom Kauffman, our engagement partner, on speed dial. With RKL, we’re working with dedicated professionals who I can reach anytime and will provide me direction on the best way to go,” Eileen says.

With its ambitious agenda of new business pursuits, the Forino Company simply won’t settle for a partner who doesn’t bring the same level of proactive, creative thinking to the table. As an instrumental partner to the Forino management team, RKL delivers proactive knowledge and guidance to support the company’s growth strategy.

Beyond the Bottom Line

In addition to the great working relationships he and his team has developed with the firm, Tony appreciates the common values his company shares with RKL – the most important of which center around putting people first. For Tony, the company is more than about the immediate family, but each and every member of the team.

“It’s important that our business advisors mirror our philosophy of integrity and honesty. It’s what we give our clients and what we expect – and receive – from RKL,” says Tony.