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Real Solutions
For What's Next

Introducing RKL Next — a suite of solutions designed to help organizations navigate next-level challenges associated with growth and change. We can help you evaluate and enhance operational processes, talent strategy, financial management and technology to drive success.
Gretchen Naso, Leader
Financial Management
Real Solutions
for Growth
Seize growth opportunities and expand with confidence, knowing you're backed by the people, processes and technology to drive smart growth and change.
Brynn Schafer, Consultant
Business Consulting
Real Solutions
for Change
Today's business environment is defined by change. From navigating key leadership transitions to overcoming performance plateaus or any number of challenges in-between, our professionals can help you leverage times of change as catalysts for next level thinking.
Amanda Miller, Consultant
Financial Management Services

The Best Companies
Don't Go it Alone

Ever get the feeling there’s a better way? To overcome outdated processes? To gain better insight into your company’s performance? To align your talent strategy with your business objectives? At RKL, we work with owners and management teams to uncover new ways to take on your most pressing business challenges. Our approach is pragmatic, honest and always focused on you. There is a better way to get to the next level. We’re here to help.


Ready to Achieve
What's Next?

Getting to the "next level" means something different for every organization. The reasons that owners and leadership teams turn to RKL to help them navigate times of growth and change are as unique as they are. Here are just a few of the themes many of our clients are facing in today's rapidly accelerating business environment.

  • Rapid Growth
    Theme / Rapid Growth

    Grow smart with our focus on people, processes and technology.

  • Leadership Transitions
    Theme / Leadership Transitions

    New thinking and ideas set you on the right course.

  • Performance Plateau
    Theme / Performance Plateau

    Uncover root causes and harness new strategies for success.


Why Choose
RKL Next?

Business owners and leadership teams choose RKL Next for our people, experience and approach. We’re in it with you, helping you drive growth and change.

  • The Right People
    Advantage / The Right People

    We bring diverse real-world experience, relevant credentials and practical solutions to each engagement.

  • The Right Expertise
    Advantage / The Right Expertise

    Cross-functional solutions in areas including human capital, operations, technology, financial management, data analysis and more.

  • The Right Approach
    Advantage / The Right Approach

    Our approach is flexible, proactive and never one-size-fits-all. We’re adaptable and ready to help.

Jeremy Witmer, Consultant

Data Analytics


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