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Let’s Talk About RKL & You.

Seeking a meaningful internship or your first professional position? Take a closer look at RKL and you’ll quickly discover that we stand apart from other firms in the region. You may know that we’re the second largest firm in Pennsylvania, but there’s more to RKL than our size. Here, you’ll find experiences and career paths that are unmatched by local and regional firms, a friendly supportive team of colleagues and a working environment that is designed to help you pursue growth and success.

Diverse Career and Client Experiences

You’ll benefit from exposure to a wide range of service areas and specializations, as well as clients from a wide range of industries and company sizes – allowing you to pinpoint the right career for you.

Growth-Focused Performance Coaching

Simply put, your professional success is important to us. From your performance coach to peers to partners, you’ll have the support of talented individuals who are invested in your growth and development.

Cutting-Edge Learning and Development

Take advantage of high quality technical and professional continuing education and training. Through live and online courses, there is no shortage of opportunities to enhance your knowledge, build a new skill set or gain confidence in new areas.

Entrepreneurial Culture

RKL is consistently a step ahead, expanding our capabilities and specializations to offer our clients services not readily found in the region. This entrepreneurial mindset opens a wide range of career paths and growth opportunities for members of the RKL team.


There’s more to RKL than delivering a work product. Giving back to our community and building lasting friendships are essential to the RKL experience.