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HIPAA Risk and Compliance Services

Compliance Services Designed for Your Organization

Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is mandatory, and noncompliance can quickly escalate to penalties that can impact your organization. These penalties can come in many forms, including loss of business due to the erosion of trust from patients, employees, vendors and other alliances. With the changes in work environment and increase in virtual working arrangements, the breach risks are significantly amplified.


RKL HIPAA Compliance-Related Processes

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Evaluate Existing HIPPA Programs

Have you taken a look at your established HIPAA program recently? RKL’s consultants can help ensure compliance by evaluating the following:

  • Previously performed internal or external HIPAA risk assessment
  • Staff knowledge and practice of electronic, written and oral HIPAA privacy
  • Current HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities for program
  • Current controls protecting HIPAA data
  • Current IT controls protecting electronic HIPAA data
  • Effectiveness of the control monitoring process

Implement/Manage HIPAA Programs

RKL consultants can help you implement a program and manage it moving forward, which takes the burden off your internal team and ensures compliance. Our team is equipped to:

  • Perform the HIPAA risk assessment
  • Implement HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Provide education
  • Define and implement program roles and responsibilities for program
  • Implement controls to protect HIPAA data
  • Implement IT controls to protect electronic HIPAA data
  • Help perform control monitoring


HIPAA Compliance Solutions Designed for Your Organization

Our highly experienced, credentialed team will work with you to customize a compliance plan that fits your organization without having to manage multiple service providers. Whether evaluating existing or implementing a new HIPAA process, RKL is available to assist.

  • Readiness review

    Determines how closely your organization complies with existing regulation. This includes reviewing documentation, interviewing selected managers and producing general observations.

  • Compliance assessment

    Evaluates and analyzes policies, procedures and documentation. This includes interviewing staff and testing existing processes and controls.

  • Risk assessment

    Identifies threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information. It also documents controls to mitigate identified threats.

  • Policies

    Instructs the organization on how to establish specific organization requirements to meet HIPAA mandates.

  • Procedures

    Guides the organization with tasks to accomplish policy requirements.

  • Education

    Teaches employees how to implement the policies, procedures and industry best practices to meet HIPAA requirements. Training is customized to the experience levels of attendees.

Experienced Team with Deep IT and Health Care Industry Credentials

RKL is uniquely positioned to bring our extensive experience in healthcare industry and IT consulting to your practice to deliver solid advice and practical solutions to your compliance efforts. Our team draws upon their diverse expertise in compliance, IT and cyber security to address all aspects of your HIPAA compliance obligations. Members of our team possess certifications in:

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP)

Our highly experienced, credentialed team will customize a compliance plan that’s right for you, avoiding the need for multiple service providers.