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Outsourced Medical Billing Services

The Experience and Knowledge to Handle Your Organization's Billing Needs

Reimbursement is a financial cornerstone for every senior living or post-acute care facility, but circumstances like finance department turnover or inefficient processes can complicate collections and diminish cash flow. RKL’s Senior Living Services Consulting Group helps organizations across the nation overcome these types of obstacles and solidify their financial footing with reliable outsourced medical billing.

Benefits We Deliver


Optimize reimbursement, generate sustained cash flow and achieve revenue goals with support from our dedicated medical billing specialists. Outsourcing your services to us also spares the expense of finding, training and paying more staff.


From temporary on-site to fully outsourced off-site, we customize the medical billing approach that’s right for your facility. We’re also able to train your on-site staff to enhance efficiency throughout the entire billing and collection process.


Your data and patient information is handled with the utmost security and sensitivity, thanks to our HIPAA credentials and expertise with multiple billing systems. Plus, our industry and regulatory savvy keeps us vigilant for new opportunities to help you improve.

A Look at Our Services

  • Temporary staffing or full outsourcing
  • On-site or remote work arrangements
  • Assistance with transitioning billing back in-house
  • Staff training and operational assessments
  • Billing and clinical documentation assessments
  • Accounts receivable analysis and collections
  • Medicare, Medical Assistance, Medicare Advantage Plan and commercial insurance reimbursement

Why RKL for Outsourced Medical Billing

Specialized Expertise

Whatever billing or collection issue you face, chances are we’ve seen and resolved it during our decades of experience. Our dedicated medical billing team has deep expertise in Medicare, Medical Assistance, Medicare Advantage Plans and commercial insurance reimbursement, and we’re well-versed in the leading third-party billing software systems.

Process Improvement

Beyond daily transactions, your third-party payer billing and collection functions play a key role in your facility’s long-term financial well-being. So we take a big picture view of processes, procedures and controls to identify opportunities for improvement. Our billing procedures also encompass clinical data needed for reimbursement for a more efficient approach.

Industry Insights

Count on us to not only expertly manage your third-party billing and collection, but also bring the latest industry insights and regulatory best practices to enhance your organization. Whether it’s direct conversations or our quarterly medical billing e-news, we’ll provide updates on changes and trends to help your facility thrive in an ever-changing industry.