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Change seems to be the only constant of the tax landscape in recent years. From the 2017 tax reform bill to the pandemic to ongoing legislative negotiations, we’re seeing the phase out of older provisions, the expiration of emergency measures and pending proposals that could have a big impact on your business and individual tax and financial position.

To help you navigate this uncertainty, we decided to streamline RKL’s annual year-end tax guide and offer a big-picture view of what exists now, what’s changing and what’s on the horizon. Complete the form to download your copy of our 2021 Year-End Tax Guide.

Let us focus on the technical ins and outs and implementation of certain strategies and tactics. We want this guide to spark conversation with your RKL advisor around ways to maximize benefit and minimize exposure. Visit our Regulatory Roundup page for timely updates and ongoing analysis on policy proposals and changes.

Download the 2021 Year-End Tax Guide