RKL & You Dedicated

Vicki Craft Kearns is dedicated to passing the successful James CRAFT & Son onto the next generation. RKL understands her family’s vision, dynamics and business needs.

For accounting and tax advisory services, Vicki trusts RKL. We provide Vicki with help ranging from entity structuring to pension audits to succession planning… See Vicki’s whole story here.

  • Providing operational, financial and clinical consulting services to Senior Living
  • Accounting solutions to help Public Transit Authorities move forward.
  • Meeting the accounting needs of today’s Governments, from boroughs to counties.
  • Focused on the fast-changing Manufacturing and Distribution industry.
  • Helping Credit Unions navigate complex compliance issues and succeed.
  • Helping  Not-for-Profit organizations meet their goals and succeed.
  • Building a solid foundation for Real Estate Development & Construction companies.
  • Senior Living Providers
  • Public Transit
  • Government
  • Manufacturing Distribution
  • Credit Unions
  • Not For Profit
  • Construction RealEstate

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