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Compensation Analysis

Whatever the impetus for taking a closer look at compensation – a struggle to recruit or retain talent, a merger or acquisition or key leadership transitions – there’s no better way to ensure alignment between team member performance and business goals than a comprehensive compensation analysis.

At RKL, we’ve helped companies from a wide variety of industries assess their current compensation practices and help them achieve better business outcomes through compensation analysis and design. We bring the right balance of financial and analytical acumen combined with deep experience and progressive thinking in human capital management to help drive change.

The RKL Approach

  • Understand the why.

    Context matters in building an effective compensation plan. We start by understanding our client’s short- and long-term goals as well as their culture and philosophy on compensation.

  • Analyze the data.

    Our team of data analysts HR professionals utilizes benchmarking databases and compensation tools to provide insights and an objective assessment of your total compensation packages including salary, bonus and long-term incentive programs.

  • Redesign the plan.

    With a sound understanding of your current compensation program as well as clarity around your business objectives and goals, we design a plan that will drive desired behaviors and performance and attract the right talent.

Why RKL for Compensation Analysis?

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