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As companies adapt to a new business environment, leaders need support and information to recover from disruption and grow stronger. We continue to produce breaking updates on today’s biggest issues and insights to navigate ongoing uncertainty. You’ll also find forward-looking strategies to help you thrive and seize opportunities in this new environment.

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Join the RKL team for the latest insights and guidance on navigating today’s uncertainty and growing stronger. A continuation of our popular Coronavirus Webinar Series, you’ll get breaking updates on timely issues, forward-looking strategies for adapting in this new environment and one hour of CPE. Recordings of each webinar will be archived on this page.

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Adapt and Recover: Election Edition – March 24th

Join the RKL team on Wednesday, March 24 at 10 a.m. for an overview of how the ARPA offers economic relief to individuals and businesses in the form of federal unemployment insurance expansions, direct stimulus payments and expanded tax credits. RKL advisors Eric Wenger, Tricia Richardson and Ruthann Woll will walk you through the major provisions of ARPA, answer the most commonly asked questions surrounding this stimulus package and provide their insight on the anticipated tax increases on the horizon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Medicare portion of employer portion of social security tax included in the "Refundable Tax Credit Offsets"?

Yes, per the final bill, the following are employer taxes are included: Section 3111(a) – 6.2% employer portion of social security tax, Section 3221(a) – Railroad retirement payroll taxes, Section 3111(b) – 1.45% Employer portion of Medicare tax.

What does the enactment date mean? Will this be applied retroactively?

The legislation is not retroactive. The provisions will apply on April 1 and they will expire on December 31, 2020.

If the employer is a health care provider or an emergency responder, does the Emergency Sick and Family Leave not apply?

Currently, they are not considered excluded for purposes of qualified employees. The bill does have a section that allows the Secretary of Labor the authority to issue regulations that would exclude this group, however, no such regulations have been issued at this time. Additionally, if regulations are passed, they would allow the employer to elect out, it would not be an automatically exclusion.